Liberti Church Newtown Square is the first re-planted/renewal work among the Liberti Network of Churches in the Philadelphia region. We started on November 10, 1832 as the First Baptist Church of Newtown Township. The first Pastor, Samuel L. Crewel was called in 1834, followed by the purchase of ground and the erection of a building. A fire in 1890 destroyed the building and valuable records, but a new building was immediately erected and the work continued. 

In 1920 FBC made a decision to relocate from its original site to it’s present location. In the years since the original move, there was continued growth, new buildings and an expanded facility. Those who came before were confident that God would continue to bless FBC’s ministry so long as she sought to exalt Christ, to extend his Kingdom and encourage and equip his people. They also realized that change was inevitable, but so long as a commitment to the Great Commission and to bringing forth new things out of old treasure remained constant, the methods and means by which the church did so would be revealed by God.

In 2013, one hundred and eighty-three years later, FBC began to experience a significant decline and so they began to pray. The church did not want to be just another statistic of churches in America who closed their doors for good. They still wanted to reach the world for Jesus Christ and they had tremendous resources they could use to do so. Willing to leave behind their former glory, methods, and structure, they decided to strategically plant their resources (body, budget, and buildings) into the spiritual ground, trusting God for new growth. 

After months of prayer and working with the Liberti Church Network, the Lord seemed to be opening the door for First Baptist Church of Newtown Township to become Liberti Church Newtown Square, the first re-plant/renewal work among the Liberti Network of Churches.

On April 26th, 2015 after a succession 35 pastors and one hundred and eighty-three years of faithful, christ centered ministry, the congregation of First Baptist Church unanimously voted to join the Liberti Church Network and officially become Liberti Church Newtown Square: a winsomely reformed, and graciously Baptistic church seeking to live, speak and serve as the very presence of Jesus for our neighborhoods.

God has been faithful. Over the past 4 years God has been at work gathering new families and friends to create new spaces to worship and serve the community around us. Our desire is to see continued renewal take place within our church family and in our surrounding neighborhoods, joining God in the renewal of all things.

To God alone be the Glory.