Our mission "to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus" is rooted in the very vision and mission commanded to us by Jesus.  In the last chapter of the Gospel of Matthew he says to his followers: “Go, making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey al that I have commanded you.”  Everything we do as a church is rooted in this. 

Liberti Churches can be identified by the essential character traits that are expressed and lived out within the Liberti Network of churches. These particular convictions flow from the Gospel and shape what Liberti churches value and how they relate to God in worship, each other in community and the world in mercy.

our Worship

Gospel Centrality Liberti Churches see all of life, the scriptures, and the church through the lens of the Gospel and teach with the understanding that all of the scriptures point to Jesus, seeking to motivate people with the Gospel and not with moralism, intellectualism, or mere experience.

Winsomely Reformed Liberti Churches are led by pastors and elders that embrace the Reformed articulation of the Christian faith exhibiting a great humility, confidence, and joy because of our Reformed convictions.

Contextualized Liberti Churches seek to reflect the community in which they gather, live, and serve, rooting themselves in the particular place and context that God has placed them in. 

Liturgical Liberti Churches rehearse and narrate the movements of the Gospel in our worship gathering, and we seek to benefit from the riches of historic Christian worship and also find fresh ways to express these riches in our worship gatherings.

Hospitable Liberti Churches are hospitable, welcoming those who have yet to embrace Christianity but willing to have their questions, doubts, and struggles honored and addressed.

our Community

Covenantal Liberti Churches cultivate community where people are called to see themselves and each other not as consumers of “church" but as covenantal members in the body of Christ.

Partnership Liberti Churches are committed to working together with other Liberti Churches in mission, for the sake of the kingdom of God. 

Ecumenical Liberti Churches are committed to partnering with all of Christ’s church that confess historic Christian faith as churches in mission together.

acts of Mercy

Compassion Liberti Churches are committed to demonstrating the compassion and justice of the Gospel in tangible ways, to the neediest people and most broken places in our contexts. 

Church Planting Liberti Churches believe that the most effective way to reach the world for Jesus is to plant new Churches and are committed to supporting the efforts of church planting both locally and globally.