Freedom to Create

We are excited to announce that Liberti Arts has started to welcome our first artists! Our studio space has been transformed from a room filled with unwanted and broken items to a viable studio. Through new floors, a working sink, a fresh coat of paint and custom built tables, the room has become an inviting and friendly environment for artists!

We have accomplished a great deal and are so close to completing the renovations. As we near the finish line, we would love for you to partner with us in making the studio fully functioning.


Our Vision

Our vision for Liberti Arts is to encourage creative expression by providing a sanctuary to explore and discover the arts. We want to establish an environment where people can come together to thrive spiritually and artistically. Our desire is to provide affordable art experiences. We plan to run a wide range of programs, such as community events, workshops, weekly classes and more. Proceeds raised will be used to provide additional art opportunities within the community.


Our Fundraising Goals

To achieve our vision, we have several fundraising goals. 
Our first goal is to raise $5,000. This money will be used to upgrade the much need electrical system and install kilns. 
An additional goal of $5,000 will enable us to purchase several pottery wheels to provide classes in wheel throwing.

Please consider partnering with us to achieve these goals. Donate today! Every donation amount is greatly appreciated! Donations are tax deductible.   

Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring Liberti Arts.
We hope to see you in the studio soon!